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Important dates

Round start date: 22 February 2015

Entry closing date: 20/07/2015

Scoring closing date: 31/07/2015


 VF31 promo


The full set of VF31 entries (including a score sheet) can be downloaded here (220.7MB).  Score sheet available separately here.

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  • A custom VF31 mug, generously donated by Skippy, awarded to the round winner.
  • A Vital UL sail, generously donated by Lumokites,  drawn randomly from the top half of scored entries.
  • A pair of Sportkitedesign straps, generously donated by Rob Tulloch, drawn randomly from the bottom half of scored entries.
  • 15% off any order at Sportkitedesign Kites, generously donated by Sportkitedesign, drawn randomly.
  • 10% off any order at Air One Kites, generously donated by Air One Kites, drawn randomly.
  • 10% off any order at Air One Shop, generously donated by Air One Shop, drawn randomly.
  • Vital UL sail
  • VF31 scores due: 31.7.2015 12:00 0 Days VF31 scoring closed!